About Us

Texas’ competitive electricity market is complicated. With more than 40 companies offering more than 200 plans with frequently changing prices and lots of important fine print, it’s no wonder that most Texans are paying at least 20% more than they have to for electricity.

My Best Plan was founded in 2009 to help customers like you capture the benefits of price competition by offering you huge savings while we do the hard work for you. We track the hundreds of options in the market and find the best plan for YOU based on YOUR usage patterns, preferences, and needs. We are an independent energy consulting service that collects no money from electric providers, meaning that we work only for our clients.

There is no reason to spend any more time paying too much for electricity. Most of our customers start saving within 3-5 days of signing up with My Best Plan, and within a year most will have saved 20% – that’s hundreds of dollars in “found money” every year, all for one quick phone call.

My Best Plan’s vision is to make electricity choice work for Texans by giving them expert insight into their options with only a minimal investment of time and effort. We constantly monitor the market to make sure that have the best choice available, not just once, but whenever it’s time to choose again. With My Best Plan, our clients are able to navigate the diverse products and prices on the market, getting the product they want at the lowest price available.