Will the reliability of my electricity change if I switch providers?

No. No matter what electric company (Retail Electric Provider – REP) you sign up with, the electrons sent to your home are exactly the same, as is the company that actually delivers the electricity to your home.

What exactly do REPs do?

REPs purchase and resell electricity to customers at different rates and provide customer support for you to pay bills and sign up to buy electricity from them.

What do I have to do to get started with My Best Plan?

All we need is the information from one of your recent electric bills. We can then give you an immediate, no-cost, no-obligation estimate of your potential savings.

How much does it cost to sign up with My Best Plan?

My Best Plan shares the savings with you, so we don’t get paid until you start saving. We do all the work and get paid by our clients, splitting the savings 50:50.

I only want to sign up for companies that offer paper bills and accept paper checks. Can My Best Plan help me pick companies with these options?

Absolutely! Whatever your needs are – paper billing, green energy, using only certain providers – My Best Plan’s patent-pending technology and expertise can find you the lowest cost plan that fits your preferences. We can even tell you how much you would save by altering one or more of your preferences.

What happens if you recommend that I switch away from a term plan and I incur an early termination fee as a result?

You pay any early termination fee required to satisfy your current contract, and you don’t pay My Best Plan until you have recovered 100% of that fee via savings from your new plan.