Why Switch Today

Make Texas electricity choice work for you!

When Senate Bill 7 went into effect in 2002, most Texas residential customers got the opportunity to choose their retail electric company and price plan, instead of simply being part of a regulated utility with no choice whatsoever. Since then, more and more customers have been making choices about their electricity in order to realize the benefits of lower prices and new products, but for a variety of reasons many people don’t shop, and consequently pay far too much.

Strangely, as customers have been making more choices about their electricity usage, the average price they pay for electricity has also steadily increased. In 2009, customers in the competitive zone were paying an average of about 40% more for electricity than Texans who were not part of the competitive market.[1] This gap is clear evidence of one or more problems with electric choice in Texas: information is not readily available, understanding that information is difficult and time-consuming, and customers who don’t constantly manage their options get taken advantage of.


[1] The story of ERCOT: The Grid Operator, Power Market & Prices Under Texas Electric Deregulation”, p. 84