Our Clients

Our clients are very pleased with My Best Plan’s convenient, professional service and the hundreds of dollars that they each save every year. They know that they always have the best electricity plan for their homes.

“The set-up was easy and quick!” AC


“My Best Plan has found me a much better electricity plan. I will spend about $3,000 this year as opposed to the $3,800 I would have spent. Even though I switched providers to save money years ago, I could have easily saved several thousand dollars more over the past five years if I had known My Best Plan.” MS


“I’m the kind of person who will [complain] about high electric bills, but I know I won’t do anything on my own. That’s why I like My Best Plan – I know exactly what they do for me, and I don’t have to do anything.” RM


“Tengo plena confianza en My Best Plan. Yo se que no hay ningun plan para electricidad mejor que el que ellos me han recomendado.” ME


“Thanks My Best Plan – I’m very pleased with the improvement in my recent bills!” WM