My Best Plan / Give More™ program allows you to find extra dollars from savings on your electricity bill to help you support great causes without pinching your pennies.



  • Visit or call 713-784-7283 (RATE), option 3.
  • Send us your current electric bill and submit a brief customer preference survey.
  • We find you the Best Plan available and give you an estimate of your potential savings.



  • Sign up for My Best Plan / Give More and start saving immediately.
  • We handle the switch to your new plan, and make sure you always have the Best Plan.
  • We do all the work – you spend as little as 5 minutes per year on your bill.
  • We will evaluate any early termination fees for your existing plan, and won’t make money until you save.

Save & Donate

Save & Donate

  • Choose how much of your savings to donate to your favorite nonprofit.
  • My Best Plan collects your donation each month and sends it to your nonprofit. You get the recognition and all the tax benefits.
  • You rest easy knowing that your savings are helping a great cause without budgetary strain.
  • Before your plan expires, we’ll recommend your next Best Plan for you to approve, and we’ll do everything necessary to set it up for you.

Most Texans pay at least 20% more than necessary for their electricity.

Since 2009, My Best Plan has provided Houstonians with superior service and electricity prices. Using our proprietary software, we track as many market options as possible to find the Best Plan for our clients based on their usage patterns, preferences, and needs – resulting in big savings. My Best Plan clients always have “The Best Electricity Plan for Their Home.”

By teaming up with nonprofits, we’re making sure those savings really count. My Best Plan / Give More allows you to pass on part (or all) of your electric bill savings to your favorite nonprofit.

Give More


My Best Plan doesn’t make money until we create savings for you, our client. When you join My Best Plan / Give More, you will control 60% of the total savings our program creates. You will then donate between 20% and 100% of your portion of the savings to your nonprofit.

For example, if the total savings on your electric bill were $100, My Best Plan would get $40, and you would get $60 of savings. You would then donate between $12.50 and $60 of that savings to your nonprofit.

Acting as your agent, My Best Plan will collect this donation each month and transmit it to your organization on your behalf, along with an electronic record of the donation. This is applied to your electric bill every month, allowing you to support a great cause year-round. We’re flexible – you can change your donation amount or organization at any time – it’s your money.

Average Client



It’s our simple way of saying ‘thank you’ to the organizations that are doing so much for our communities. You can rest easy, save money, and pay it forward while we take care of all the details.